6 Tips For The Beginner Brewer


The craft of home brewing has swept the nation. Beer brewing contests and competitions are rising in numbers, as well as the competitors. If you’re a beginner when it comes to home brewing, then there are things that you have to be knowledgeable about.

Below are among the necessary and most vital things that you should get used to for you to become adept in the craft.


In brewing, sanitation and sterilization are the ones that you should always make a priority. Issues on sanitation can occur even before the process of brewing, and it doesn’t end until you finally put them in a capped bottle. Sterilization should be maintained right after you cool your beer to avoid bacterial contamination and infection.

Cooling of Wort

It is vital that you always cool your wort at the soonest possible moment. A fast cooling process will allow an increased fallout of proteins and tannins which are bad for your beer. Aside from that, it can also minimize the chance for bacteria to cultivate. Cooling your wort fast can also improve the clarity of your beer, making it visually appealing.

Darker Beers

No matter what your favorite beer may be, the best option to start with is the dark ones. Porters and stouts are usually best at cloaking the mistakes that you may have done because of their physical and flavor profile.


The logic that fresher, better ingredients produce better output is also correct when it comes to brewing. This means that you should also have a profound understanding of your ingredients and the best ways to keep them fresh and clean. Having quality ingredients will most likely give you a good flavor and aroma.

Choose Glass Fermenters

Usually, home brewing kits include plastic fermenters. Though they are inherently inexpensive to have, you should consider having a glass or stainless steel fermenter because they provide a better barrier when it comes to blocking oxygen and contents also don’t stick as easily if compared to plastic fermenters.

Always Think Long-Term

Engaging in home brewing is a form of investment. Whenever you purchase equipment for brewing, you should always consider buying ones that are of quality and efficiency to save costs. Thus, purchase things wisely.

Homebrewing is a mixture of science and art which makes it a lot of one. For you to successfully become successful in it, you have to think strategically and wisely. Learn from every mistake, and you’ll surely have the best beer.


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