Different Kinds Of Pubs That You Have To Visit


Pubs attract different people of different sectors of the society. Their needs and desires can vary from one sector to the other. That is the reason as to why we have different kinds of pubs which attract different kinds of people. The kinds of pubs differ based on the type of people who visit it and the different types of services that they cater. Different kinds of pubs have different experiences to offer, and that is why we are listing the different kinds of pubs that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime.

Theme pubs:

They are quite similar to the city pubs, but the only difference is that they specialize themselves in some genre and their services fall in the same line. For instance, they can be comedy pubs, jazz pubs, Goth pubs, rock pubs and much more. Since they are theme-based bars, we call them theme pubs. These are the type of pubs that also have a certain sector of visitors, and these visitors are predominantly the lovers of such genres.

theme pubs

Destination pubs or country pubs:

One of the simplest ways to define a country pub is it is that kind of a pub that you don’t mind visiting, travelling a long distance. That is why country pubs are also known as destination pubs. You initiate a trip only with the aim of visiting this pub. It is not a common pub that you find in multiplexes and the ones that you can drop by after work.

The City pubs:

The city pubs are the most common type of pubs that you get to see everywhere in malls, complexes and places nearby. These are the common pubs that you can drop by after work, and you can have fun with your friends. The city pubs do not carry any restrictions, they aren’t the famous ones nor are they expensive. They are simply places you can chill out with friends and have fun.

The Local pubs:

The local pubs are the ones that you probably do not want to visit the next time if you are not one among them. We wouldn’t want you to visit a local pub if you are visiting the pub for the first time. This is the kind of bar that is always unwelcoming, and the people there are anti-social.

The Chain:

These are the kind of pubs that you would love to drop by on the go. They are found in malls, railway station and many other similar places where there is large public movement. These pubs offer mass services, and people can’t expect the real pub-like authenticity here in terms of services. You simply drop by, pay for a drink or grab a bite, then pay for it and leave.


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