Four Major Reasons Why You Have to Drink Craft Beer


There are a lot of other reasons to go for craft beer over macro beers. The next moment you are at your local restaurant, beer isle or bar you should think about some of these reasons why you should opt drinking craft beer from now on, and select wisely.

  1. Honesty in a bottle.

Huge beer brands have attained a reputation for its secrecy and dishonesty from their marketing strategy up to the owner of the companies.

Some of the leading beer companies are even owned by Americans. Although they are trying their best to keep it a secret. Moreover, their commercials never really reveal too much except for how cold their beers are. You must not select your beer according to its temperature. As a matter of fact, beers that have cold temperature covers the taste and flavour of your beer or even lack of it.

  1. Support local business

Brewers Association noted that most of the Americans now live within at least 10-15 miles of a craft brewery. Purchase local and more money can stay closer to home. This does not only help your local brewers more of your favourite beer, however it promotes your local economy as well.

Moreover, supporting local provides you the chance to have a taste of the freshest and best beer ever. Although you have to make connection and build rapport as well. In order to do this, you have to meet the men behind the beer, which are the brewers, and share to something made out of passion. A lot of craft breweries are much supportive of their locals as well through utilizing ingredients that can be found locally, which provides effort and time to assist host events, and funding charities as well. Now, who among you do not want to be a part of aiding their home thrive?

  1. Sustainable brewing.

The majority of craft brewers got an environmental streak in them. They attempt to perform their craft in a sustainable way. From giving spent grain to farmers to composting; utilizing practices and equipment that take less resources to utilize substitute energy sources, these breweries have more ideas compared to how much money they can accumulate. Every moment you fill your keg or get that reusable growler, you are basically supporting in decreasing waste and energy usage as well.

  1. Greater Ingredients

An average beer only takes four ingredients: grains, yeast, hops and water. It is definitely not rocket science. However, chances are your local brewery utilizes fresher, high quality, and a times even organic ingredients. Go into your nearest brewery store and 9 out of ten brewer will be very glad to take you back and allow to really taste and smell the ingredients that they put to their masterpiece. It only happens occasionally that a master brewer will turn down a request to let the others see the ingredients that they use in their beer and how they utilize them.


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