Home Brewing: Hard Cider For Beginners


The perfect time to make a hard cider brew is when it’s apple harvest season. You can brew this fresh and organic drink in the comfort of your own home if you’re someone who’s into the craft of home brewing.

First Timer’s Hard Cider

Volume: 1 gallon

Ingredients and Equipment Needed:

One clean glass gallon jug

One packet of bread yeast

1 gallon of organic and fresh apple juice

2 cups of sugar

2-3 cinnamon sticks

One pinch whole cloves

One balloon and one rubber band


1 airlock & stopper (replacement of the balloon and rubber band)

One packet of wine yeast (substitute of the bread yeast)


The amount of sugar that you add to your brew before fermenting it is a factor that will affect the cider’s alcohol content. Aside from that, various yeast and sugar combination will create different alcohol content, taste, and body.

Here are the rough estimates:

0 added sugar ≅ 5% alcohol

1 cup added sugar ≅ 8.5% alcohol

2 cups added sugar ≅ 12% alcohol


Mix sugar and apple juice into the jug. Shake until sugar is dissolved.

Add cinnamon sticks and whole cloves.

Activate the yeast. Make sure that you follow the instructions as seen on the packet. Proceed by adding the yeast into the jug and mix it.

Attach the balloon to the opening of the jug, and add the rubber band to secure it in place. While the yeast is fermenting, the balloon will be filled because of the emission of gases. Release the gas from time to time by moving the rubber band and pulling the balloon.

Place the cider undisturbed in a dim, warm place to aid fermentation. Allow sedimentation.

After about 14 days, the balloon should no longer be inflating with gas – this means that your brew is no longer fermenting. Leaving your cider longer would allow sediments to settle at the bottom, making the clarity increase.

Siphon your cider and leave behind muck.

To have light carbonation, return the cider to the jug and add a few spoons of sugar, and follow the above steps for fermentation and sedimentation.


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