We now produce our own Class A Eggs – rubber stamped and everything with our own registration number from DEFRA!

Veg Patch

Spring is finally in full swing. Being at such high altitude, our growing season starts a bit later than in most places. Fear not, a digger is booked for the last week in April and we should be ready to get planting in May. We're keeping it simple this year with tonnes of salad leaf, rocket, sunflowers, pumpkins and perhaps Leeks. Pictures going up soon but we're more than prepared this year with our chicken run, lean to wood store, garden shed. The polytunnel blew away toward the end of last year AGAIN - so we're going to try our hand with a greenhouse! No doubt we'll be putting in polycarb panels as opposed to glass.

Now frosts have passed we've reached the end of May. Digging, sowing and planting has commenced. We're thinking of getting a goat for that lonely WW2 anderson shelter, (top left of the pic) However, it'll need covering in soil to keep it cool and some doors wouldn't go amiss! More snaps to follow.

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