Red Wine: Choosing the Best for Your Health


People who took an active interest to know for a fact that alcohol is not good for the body. However, there might be something that can be an exception, and that might be red wine. According to researches, numerous health benefits are inherent when it comes to drinking wine.

One of the benefits include the blocking of the formation of fat cells – this can be explained because of the compounds called flavonoids. Flavonoids inhibit the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Aside from that, wines also have resveratrol that has anti-inflammatory properties, can help protect nerve cells from damage and even Alzheimer’s, aid in preventing diabetes.

Here is are a selection of the best red wines for your health:

Pinot Noirs

Grown in cold and wet climates, Pinot Noirs are proven to contain highly concentrated resveratrol. When choosing Pinot Noir, it might be best if you select the ones that were developed in old-fashioned wineries since they maintain the high levels of resveratrol.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This type of wine is produced from Red Tannat grapes, and they have high levels of procyanidins. Studies found that wines with high levels of procyanidins are linked to high rates of longevity.

Madirans & Merlot

Made from Tannat grapes, Madiran wines are also highly concentrated of procyanidins. This type of wine is usually sourced from France, Sardinia, and Italy. Merlot, on the other hand, is made from black grapes.

Syrahs (or Shiraz)

Also containing huge amounts of procyanidins, these wines are sourced in all regions and can be flavored with blackcurrants.


Originated in Italy, but now widely created in California, the Barbera contains massive amounts of resveratrol and provides similar health effects.


Though it is good for your health, there should still be a limit to how much wine you should drink. Studies suggest that you limit your drink to 5oz if you’re a woman, and 10oz for men.

The sweeter the wine, its level of flavonoids and other polyphenol are also minimal. Dry wines are likely to have almost all the good antioxidants in high amounts. The darker the color, the more anthocyanin it contains


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