Different Types of Beers


The beer has been the crowd’s go-to beverage when they want to relax and chill. It’s even a great option if you’re going to get hammered and wasted! The popularity of beer has sprouted many variations and styles in crafting this beverage delicacy. Make sure to look up their differences and learn your preference so that the next time you’d go out to have a drink, you can order the specific type of beer for your personal choice.

Types of Beer


Ales are made and brewed by using top-fermenting yeast on room temperature.  This type of beer is fuller-bodied that is varied by using different fruits and spices. Commonly known to be hearty and complex that comes from different fruit and spice aromas. The flavors are Milds, Bitters, Pale Ales, etc.

Appearance-wise, the ale is commonly darker than the other type of beer, lager. The colors range from goldish shade to deep red amber. Through the use of top fermenting and the addition of hops, it would give the beer a distinct taste that lets you feel the fruitfulness and acidity.

Ales are favorite in the country of Canada in which 30% of their alcohol purchase are ales.


The story and definition of the word itself give you an idea of how this type of beverage is prepared. The word, Lager, comes from the German word “lagern” which means “to store” in which the drink is stored in a freezer for a few months. Its refreshing and crisp taste makes it the most popular type of beer in the world.

There are many variations when it comes to its taste. It could be extraordinarily sweet, or it could be extremely bitter, depending on how it was prepared. You can tell its sweetness level by its color, ranging from pale to black. The most common lagers produced around the world differs from pale to medium in color that has high carbonation with a medium to high hop flavor. Around 56% of all the beers produced and consumed in Canada are all lagers.

Stouts and Porters

These two types of beer are very similar, and they only have a little difference.

The porter is closer to black than any beer. It has a fruity-dry and uses top-fermenting style. It is an ale brewed by combining roasted malt to convey its aroma, color, and flavor. The two are similar due to its dark color roast brew made through top fermenting.

The stout, however, features a more bitter taste with a rich, creamy head. It’s distinguishable because it is flavored and colored by barley. Some brewmasters utilize a portion of unmalted roasted barley to bring out the characteristics that make it similar to a coffee.


It’s not much different compared to other types of beer, but its common characteristic is its dark yet sweet flavor. It has a little side of toffee, caramel, and several nuts. It ranges from light to full body, making it a versatile beer for a change.

Styles of Beer

A beer’s characteristic is not only defined by its type, but also by the form.  Let us look further to find out the different ways of beer that could be the perfect blend for your tongue.


This style of beer is a rather versatile style. The amber beer contains full-bodied malt aromas with a touch of caramel flavor. This style of beer could fall within the categories of lager and ale, depending on its preparation.


Don’t get this confused with hair color, though it was how it got its name. Blonde ales are recognizable because of its very light and pale color that’s crisp and dry. It got its low bitterness from hops and sweetness from using malt as one of its main components.


It’s named obviously after its color. Brown ale contains a little bit of caramel and chocolate flavor, bringing out its sweetness. It may also include citrus, malty, nutty, chocolatey, or strong bitter taste that heavily depends on the place and method of brewing.


Distinguishable through its mild, creamy, and golden style.


The dark ale originated from the proud nation of Great Britain that processes through blending hops, yeast, and malts. It’s recognizable by its dark brown color, delicate aroma and intense flavor.


Technically speaking, fruit style beers are considered to be ales, but they do not possess the characteristics of an ale. Odd, isn’t it? There’s a delicate process for brewing fruit beers which is to decrease the malt seasoning for diminishing the bitterness of the beer.


Don’t get confused with the looks of a blonde and golden beer since the golden style ales are straw colored. The slight touch of vanilla and citrus makes it a wonderful and exciting experience for your mouth.


Just like most beer in this list, the honey style beer is full-bodied accompanied with a smooth texture and recognizable with its copper color. Just like the name, this style of beer is sweet and contains a slight taste of caramel. 

India Pale Ale

The India pale ale has a fascinating history behind it. The brew was invented in England with a few more hops so that it could endure the transportation from the mainland England to India. Hence, it got its name from the place. It’s simple a pale style of beer with more hops.


As the name suggests, everything about this beer is light. From its color to its flavor, it’s light and mild. What is also beneficial about this beer is that it has fewer calories compared to other styles of beers. It also has a lower alcohol percentage, making your evening a calm and chilling one.


It’s distinguishable through its unique yet invigorating lime flavor. Brewmasters play around with the intensity of the taste, from faint to robust flavor so take note before you order a lime beer!


Pale is common all throughout the world due to its fun flavor. It has a fruity taste to it and has a copper-like color. This style of beer is good if partnered with heavily spiced snacks to go along with your casual company. 


We often hear about this fancy-sounding beer. Actually, its only made with hard water that creates the golden shade. This style of beer is a lager and is known for its unique hop flavor.


Red ales are apparent when placed beside other beers.  It’s unique reddish or light brown color sets it apart from other beers and its moderate flavor that carries some caramel aftertaste.


It is more of a general style as compared to others. It encompasses many types as long as it goes above the 7% alcohol content. Its dark color mostly characterizes it.


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