Managing Facebook Ads – How to Do It Efficiently for a Better Engagement Reach 


If you’re wondering how to manage Facebook ads, then you’ve come to the right place. There are several different methods to choose from. For example, Facebook allows you to choose a specific audience for your ads, which can limit your reach. Using a tool such as GetResponse can help you choose a specific audience as well as target people who haven’t yet become a contact. In addition, it can be easy to customize your ad to appeal to the people who are most likely to be interested in your product. 

Setting Clear Goals  

Identifying your Facebook ad goals is critical to success on the social network. Many advertisers have trouble figuring out what to achieve from their ad budgets. For example, you might want to increase the number of likes on your page, and you could aim to spend as little as possible on each like. Once you have a clear goal in mind, you can choose the right ads to target to achieve your desired results. 

Before you start your first ad campaign, make sure you define the objective you want to achieve. Your goals should directly impact the growth of your company. Set a budget and allocate the funds to reach the objective. If you’re unsure of how much you can spend on your ad campaign, you can use a free ROI calculator to determine how profitable Facebook ads can be. Additionally, you can consult experts like the Voy Media Marketing team. By setting goals for your campaign, you’ll know exactly how to spend your budget to get the best return on your ad campaign. 

Creating Ad Set  

You can test different ads and audiences using an ad set to determine which is most effective. The process begins by clicking Create a campaign. Select a set’s objective and write an ad title and headline. Facebook will suggest placement options and target audiences based on their interests and demographics. Next, choose a delivery option for your ad and target audiences. Lastly, choose a budget for your Facebook ad campaign. 

You can set a budget at the campaign or ad-set level to ensure you spend as much as possible without exceeding your budget. When setting a budget, keep in mind that too low of a budget will restrict your reach. The amount you spend per day will vary depending on the bidding method you choose and the time frame of your ad set. The minimum daily budget for automatic bidding is $1.00 USD. Depending on your objective, you may want to consider reducing some placements to reduce your cost per click and improve performance. 

Choosing an Objective  

When deciding on the objective of your Facebook advertising campaign, keep your audience in mind. Using the Reach objective is a good fit for events in your local area. If you’re selling tickets, a different objective might be best. Consideration objectives, on the other hand, are better for businesses that need to drive traffic to a specific landing page. When you use the Consideration objective, your ads will be displayed to people who are more likely to take the action that you desire. 

For eCommerce brands, choose an objective that aligns with your product catalog. You’ll be able to target your Facebook ads to people who are interested in your product catalog. The three categories of Facebook ads correspond to different stages in the buyer’s journey. If you want to increase catalog sales, choose an objective that will help you reach this audience. Facebook uses algorithmic learning to tailor your ads to your audience, so you’ll want to choose an objective that’s aligned with your goal. 

Customizing Your Ad  

You can customize your Facebook ad for more targeted results. By using Custom Audiences, you can target specific people with your ads. You can choose the placement, colors, and other elements to fit your audience. Here are some examples of the different placements for your ad. To find the best placement for your ad, click on a category on the left-hand sidebar and select it from the list. 

First, you should choose your audience. To get the most targeted audience, you should target users based on their interests, demographics, and buying behavior. Facebook offers several options for this. You can target your ads to companies, key individuals, and people with a job title, financial status, political affiliation, and more. Customizing your Facebook ad to your audience will increase your conversions and help you find the right customers. 

Reporting on Your Ads’ Performance  

Facebook offers several options for reporting on the performance of your ad. You can view raw data, visual charts, side-by-side comparisons, and ad engagement metrics. Facebook also lets you drill down to individual ads, campaigns, and ad sets to get detailed information on each ad. By analyzing the data generated by your ads, you can create more effective ads in the future. 

Facebook has recently changed the default attribution window for your ad. Previously, the report showed just click-through conversions. Now, you can also view conversions by view-through, meaning a user didn’t click through your ad but later reached your website by searching for your brand. If you want to get detailed data on your Facebook ads, you should customize your ads to track these metrics. 


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